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Do you have plans for the weekend ?

Your weekend in Legazpi

Bergaretxe, Legazpi
  • 10:00

    Egun On!

    • Queso Makatza

    After breakfast and before you leave. Don't go home without buying a good Idiazabal cheese. In the shepherd's museum in Erreizabal, in front of our house or in the Makatza farmhouse, on the way to the neighborhood of Aztiria you can buy it. And to go with it, homemade bread, freshly baked in Igaralde in the bread museum.


    Working with Iron

    • Mirandaola

    Ferrería Mirandaola, between May and November, is an essential visit, our jewel. The visit is about half an hour. See it working, it will be the most pleasant memory you will have of your stay in Bergaretxe.



    • Lakiola

    And we can’t forget about the Lakiola camp with its shelter that welcomes mountaineers, mushroom pickers, hunters, hikers, mountain bikers… Where Kimu Berri volunteers welcome us with their broth, chorizo and a little wine in exchange for however much you decide to give them.

    Something More...

    But if you are still not convinced by everything you have read and want to know more towns, corners and cities. You have them an hour from home. Check these out:

    • Hondarribia

    A. Hondarribia - Jaizkibel - Pasajes San Juan (the Albeola project) or Hendaia - Baiona - Biarritz..

    • Donostia

    B. Tolosa’s market on Saturday and a puppets display - Donostia

    • Zumaia

    C. Zumaia (the flysch formations) - Getaria (Balenciaga museum) - Zarautz

    D. Urbasa Natural Park - Urederra - Estella

    • Gaztelugatxe

    E. Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve - Gaztelugatxe - Bilbao.

    • Vitoria Gasteiz

    F. Vitoria-Gasteiz - Salburua Park - Landa reservoir - Salt Museum in Gatzaga.

    G. Pamplona and if you return through Zaragoza, Olite and its castle.

  • 10:00


    • Mercado

    On Fridays, Legazpi is at its peak. The market brings a lot of life to the village. In the 30 and more stalls of the Tinglado, you will find quality seasonal products, as well as foreign products and textiles.



    • Pintxos

    Let yourself be carried away by the bars of Legazpia, and start enjoying its gastronomy by tasting some pintxos from Jaio at Gurrutxaga, or a crepe from Azpikoetxe or Artzai’s world class tripe from Oilarra taberna. In the village bars you’ll get to know our miniature cuisine.



    Finding somewhere to eat won’t be a big deal. A variety of menus and tasting choices will be on offer in Legazpia’s restaurants. At Katilu, with the special sympathy and hospitality of Joxeblas and Gerar you’ll find small dishes, assortments, menus of the day... With a variety of offers tailored to your wishes and needs.


    A Walk

    • Pantano Barrendiola

    The Barrendiola reservoir offers you some spectacular views. Take a walk around it and enjoy the environment, it can be a great option.



    • Escaparate

    In Legazpi you will find a good range of shops. Since the village is not very large, it will be very comfortable for you to go shopping.


    Cinema, Live Music, "Poteo"...

    • Concierto

    On Fridays and at the start of the weekend, the “poteo” before dinner is very busy. Around 21:00 in the Karibezar bar you might enjoy some live music by a local band. If you prefer the cinema, the Cineclub is sure to offer you a good film.



    • Cena

    On Fridays it’s common to have a “plato combinado”, casseroles, snacks, portions... something informal. You will have many alternatives in the bars.



    • Libro "El secreto de Gibola"

    It's time to sleep in Bergaretxe. The book you have on the bedside table will have you hooked and it’s set here, in the neighborhood of Brinkola. "The secret of Gibola".

  • 10:00

    Nearby Villages

    • Antigua

    You can go and visit other towns. Check out the Saturday market in Zumarraga and get to know both Zumarraga and Urretxu, to follow Ezkio-Itsaso and the Igartubeiti farmhouse. This is the first choice.

    Go up to the hermitage La Antigua in Zumarraga, where "the route of the three temples" departs and marvel. Also Arantzazu, in Oñati, and in Azpeitia the Sanctuary of San Ignacio de Loyola, You could visit the railway museum and travel on a steam train. This would be the second alternative.

    • Arantzazu

    Get to know the beautiful town of Oñati and go up to the Sanctuary of Arantzazu and from there to the Urbia countryside. On the way down, visit the caves of Arrikutz. This would be the third possibility.

    • Zerain

    Move around the neighborhood of Aztiria, visit the mines of Zerain and its sawmill. Eat in a typical cider house and get to know Segura. To finish, walk through the San Adrián tunnel in Zegama or visit the Idiazabal cheese museum and a cheese factory. This is your fourth option.

    • Senderos

    Or just go for a hike. Korosti, Lakiola, Otaño, Aizkorri..... you have multiple options depending on your preparedness.



    If you have returned to Legazpi at this time, it will not be uncommon to find some activity in the square. Thanks to the large number of social groups in the village, there is always sport, a gathering of some sort, musical entertainment...



    If you are looking to go to eat in a special isolated place, a cider house… just ask us and we will help you.



    • Vuelta a Caballo

    A bike ride or walking along the Urola Greenway. You can rent a bike for a ride. What about on horseback? Marian will be happy to see you.



    • Concierto

    If you have some strength left, you can come with us to feed our animals. After a good shower, go down to the village for dinner. Be quick and book a place!


    The Spur

    • La Espuela

    Time to return to your apartment or you can continue with drinks with a gin and tonic from the Xarpot bar, Kukue, or any of the two Karibes for cocktails, Ibaiondo, Giroa for beers... or places where you can move those hips.

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